Look Away I | oil on panel | 24x36 in. | 2007

This is the first work by Jonathan Viner to be included in a public auction.

Installation shot of the Target Practice solo exhibition (2007).  Left to right: Look Away II, Look Away I, and The Twin's Knot.

Installation shot of the Target Practice solo exhibition (2007).  Left to right: Look Away II, Look Away I, and The Twin's Knot.

Look Away I was exhibited in Chelsea, NY in December of 2007, as part of Jonathan Viner's second solo exhibition, "Target Practice".  The painting then joined the collection of Howard and Judith Tullman in Chicago where it was displayed for many years.  Howard Tullman is a tech entrepreneur active in Chicago's business, cultural, and political circles.  Mayor Rahm Emanuel, a friend of Tullman, was a frequent visitor to the collection.  After four years as CEO, Tullman has stepped down from his position at the entrepreneurial incubator known as 1871, has sold the gallery space, and is in the process of auctioning the collection.  Look Away I will be offered on February 19, 2018 by Leslie Hindman Auctioneers.  Proceeds will benefit Tullman’s family foundation, which provides stipends and scholarships to art students, donates to museums, and funds special events.

If you are in the Chicago area you can view the exhibition of the collection at 754 N Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, Illinois 60642 during the following times:

Thursday, February 15 | 10am – 5pm
Friday, February 16 | 10am – 5pm
Saturday, February 17 | 10am – 3pm
Sunday, February 18 | 12pm – 4pm

 To inquire or register to bid online please click HERE.


In a largely subjective field such as art, a public auction result is often perceived as an objective data point, for better or worse.  Over time these data points create a public track record.  The price that is realized can influence the perception of an artist’s entire practice, including the art that you may own.  So the result of this auction matters to all of us. 

This is the first time a painting I created has been offered at auction. These auctioneers deal in very high volume and I assume it’s not possible for them to research every lot.  On their website I observed that there's a typo in the title, they don't have the date of the painting, they posted a poor quality image, and their estimate of $4k - $6k is significantly lower than the primary market value of my work in this size, which is currently around $13k.

In addition, if timing is everything, this auction is timed to be an uphill battle (politics, stock market, the ever growing cacophony of social media...).  That said, the feedback I've received on Look Away I has been absolutely glowing, with over 1200 total 'likes' and dozens of positive comments on Instagram from colleagues, collectors, and dealers spread across four different posts within the past year. 

I have enormous respect and gratitude for my collector base and this is an opportunity not only to win a great work of art, but also to publicly demonstrate what Viner paintings are worth. This is an exciting development!  We need lots of bids in the range of the current primary market price.  And if you end up being the winning bidder, please contact me so I can thank you personally!

- Jonathan Viner

 To inquire or register to bid online please click HERE